Power Plant Training

Martech's Power Generation Training curricula and services are tailored to enhance the knowledge and skills of your workforce, from incumbent to new hire. Martech's power plant training programs focus on providing your plant operations personnel with a working knowledge of theory, procedures, and equipment for safely and efficiently operating a power generating station.

Our power plant training curricula will lay a foundation through the examination of the steam and water cycle, electrical principles, and plant science. This foundation will then be applied to specific equipment and systems encountered in power generation stations. All of our curricula and development plans can be mapped to match the specific Job classifications at your facility; such as auxiliary operators, control room operators, production technicians, NERC compliance, millwrights, instrument technicians, and various other roles helps by power plant personnel.

Power Plant Operator Training

Most of our power plant training programs start with a our highly animated and interactive library of power plant technical e-Learning lessons that will take your employees through the theoretical portion of their professional development before they experience hands-on training in a learning laboratory or on the job site. The animation and graphic illustrations within this educational software enable us to display processes and complex internal components of equipment at a level of detail that would be impossible in a standard textbook or traditional lecture format.

Our power plant training programs go further than e-Learning, as we are fully aware that knowledge does not ensure competency. We provide a library of higher level discussion questions and recommended hands-on activities that can be incorporated directly into your on-the-job training programs (OJT), interview boards, and job performance measures. This blended training method helps to ensure that your workforce has the knowledge and competency to succeed in their employee progression and development plan.

All programs are designed for minimal seat time and minimal staff oversight. Martech’s power plant training curricula offer your workforce development team the greatest gains in efficiency and competency at the best possible ROI.

Power Generation Training Areas

Martech Training Services is the industry leader with over 700 hours of specialized Power Plant Training in over 500 eLearning courses. Our Power Plant Training Curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Power Generation Fundamentals
  • Turbine Auxiliaries System and Control
  • Generator Auxiliaries and System Control
  • Combustion Turbine Fundamentals
  • Combustion Air and Flue Gas System
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Operations
  • Coal Handling
  • Boiler Fuel Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Fired Boilers
  • Boiler Firing Controls and Components
  • Emission Controls
  • Circulating Water System
  • Condensate and Feedwater Systems
  • Boiler Water and Steam Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Plant Electrical Systems
  • Unit Start-up and Shutdown
  • Plant Control System
  • Heat Rate Optimization
  • Diesel Power Plant Operations
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Operations
  • Biomass Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Solar Energy