Fire Prevention Training

104-01 Fire Prevention and Protection Program

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to plan, practice, and apply the standards of the fire protection program in the workplace. This lesson satisfies the required initial and annual refresher training for OSHA standard CFR 1910.39(a) through (d) and CFR 1910.38 (a) through (f).

  • Describe the fire tetrahedron and its role in fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Recall fire prevention strategies
  • Identify the four classes of fires
  • Recall fire extinguisher installation and maintenance standards in the workplace
  • Describe the components of the fire protection training program

104-02 Fire Extinguisher Safety

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to identify the four fuel sources and the appropriate extinguisher to use to put out a small fire and apply the safest procedures for extinguishing a fire in the workplace. You will also be familiar with the maintenance, inspection and documentation requirements for maintaining fire extinguishers.

This lesson satisfies the training requirements for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standard 29 CFR 1910.155 (c) 41, 29 CFR 1910.157 (g) (1) through (4) and references NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 10(13).

  • Describe the principles of fire extinguisher operation
  • Classify fuels to determine the proper fire extinguisher to use in case of fire
  • Recall the safest method of extinguishing a fire in the workplace
  • Identify what actions constitute an inspection
  • List corrective actions for rechargeable and non-rechargeable fire extinguishers
  • Describe the record-keeping requirements for the different types of inspections and maintenance activities

104-03 Combustible Dusts

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to identify common combustible dusts and their associated workplace hazards. You will also understand basic control measures that reduce the production of combustible dusts.

  • Discuss hazards associated with combustible dusts
  • Identify the 5 components of the “dust explosion pentagon”
  • Explain where dust occurs in the workplace
  • Describe general housekeeping steps that reduce dust production
  • Discuss use of environmental controls
  • List commonly found combustible dusts