Process Sampling and Testing Training

725-01 Sampling Principles and Methods

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to describe the importance of accurate sampling. You will also be able to explain several sampling types and systems. You will be able to describe correct sampling procedures.     

  • Explain the purposes of product sampling
  • Describe continuous product sampling
  • Describe spot product sampling
  • Describe composite product sampling
  • Explain open sampling systems
  • Explain closed sampling systems
  • Explain totally closed sampling systems
  • Describe typical sampling procedures

725-02 Testing Principles and Procedures

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to describe how tests are used to ensure on-specification quality products. You will be able to explain common chemical and physical tests performed on products to ensure this quality.

  • Explain distillation testing
  • Explain specific gravity testing
  • Explain API gravity testing
  • Explain mass spectrometry testing
  • Explain gas chromatograph testing
  • Explain testing for vapor pressure
  • Explain BS&W testing
  • Explain testing for H2S and mercaptans
  • Explain pH testing
  • Explain conductivity testing
  • Explain color testing
  • Explain viscosity testing
  • Explain cloud and pour point testing
  • Explain flash and smoke point testing