Cable Splicing Training

423-01 Introduction to Medium Voltage Cable

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to identify the components of medium voltage cable and why each is needed.

  • Relate the difference in “pressure” between low voltage and medium voltage
  • Describe corona
  • Describe partial discharge
  • Describe conductor stranding
  • Identify the strand shielding
  • Describe conductor insulation
  • Describe insulation stranding

423-02 Medium Voltage Splices and Terminations

When you complete this lesson, you will know the steps needed to splice and terminate medium voltage power cable.

  • Explain why a splice may be needed
  • Describe the first step in cable preparation
  • Describe the layers that need to be removed to prepare for a splice
  • Describe the steps of re-shielding and re-insulation
  • Describe the steps in preparing for cable termination
  • Explain what is needed for a Class One termination
  • Explain where stress control is needed in the termination