Emergency Operations Planning Training

378-01 Emergency Policies and Procedures

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to determine the actions, processes, and procedures instituted by different levels of NERC system operators to improve emergency response during widespread electric system disruptions.

  • State the purpose of emergency policies and procedures
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of NERC system operators
  • Describe the three standard electrical emergency stages
  • Explain common procedures for each of the emergency stages
  • List procedures and actions common to blackout policymaking
  • Understand the development and evaluation of an electrical grid emergency plan

378-02 Capacity and Energy Emergencies

When you complete this lesson you will understand the responsibilities and expected actions to be taken during a capacity and energy emergency.

  • Explain the four levels of Energy Emergency Alerts
  • List the actions a Balancing Authority is expected to take in an energy emergency
  • Describe the role that the Reliability Coordinator plays during an energy emergency
  • Explain the expected actions by the Balancing Authority to return its ACE to zero